Affirmations Will Help Change The World

We all struggle in different ways. We all cope the only way we know how and we all need a positive role model to guide us towards being the best we can be. Feeling valued comes from recognising our self worth and gives us a true sense of who we really are. Teaching our children daily positive affirmations is creating a community of young people that could one day rule our world. A new generation who will and should believe they can achieve anything.

GrannyMoo AKA
Mandy Jolley

I received my order the other day and the book is just divine. Your kindness and generosity is so refreshing.

CJ Gas and Water

Miss Kyree Loves

Over the past decade, Kyree Harvey has created a loving social media empire. She is known for supporting small businesses, showing us her life hacks and has taken us on a journey through all her ever-changing seasons.

Miss Kyree Loves started as a creative outlet and transformed into a thriving honest brand. Her loyal community and online family flourishes every year.

Kyree shares all the treasures she finds and loves on her platforms (with

Kyree now has something magical to share with you, her loving family and community. A magical children’s book she can truly call her own.